.Creation System

Through the Project Establishment of Jacaré do Pantanal (Cayman yacare) in the city of Cáceres, Pantanal, Mato Grosso, the COOCRIJAPAN, Cooperativa de Criadores de Jacaré do Pantanal, produces meat of noble Jacaré with sustainable management and legalized by the competent environmental agencies

According to the system used by us - "Ranching", the nests are moved from farms to the cooperative in various means of transport available, depending on the region and traffic conditions.

In collects eggs, remove the nest before they are marked at the top is to be transported in the same position.
Used in the collection of eggs in the nest the same material, maintaining something of a state of fermentation that were in nature. The eggs are accommodated in the nursery are in the same way they were carried (part marked up) and remain under effect of temperature and humidity to their outbreak. Soon after hatching animals are treated, cleaned and conducted the stalls of creation.

The sex of animals is defined according to the temperature inside the nest;
From 28 to 32C° = Female
From 32 to 34C° = Male
From 34C° up = Range of Risk

The animals are reared in enclosed sheds and fed daily with a balanced diet (kids cattle) and differentiated by age. The stalls are cleaned daily, thus preventing the proliferation of fungi that are likely to damage the skin.

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