Survey Population
Due to the need to prove the efficiency of project management especially for the international bodies, governmental and non-technical graduates and PhD in biology developed a system of survey population of the areas involved in the project.

Collection of eggs, hatching, growing and fattening, slaughter.

The survey population serves, among other parameters, to predict the number of nests that will be managed on the property.

It defines the number of animals specified in this area, the percentage of sexually active population, the male: female body and the state of male and female reproductive sampling, which together with other factors (ruler of water level, the rainfall, etc. and form of distribution.) index to estimate the position of the site.

After completed the survey made the calculations for determining the number of nests estimated. It may be collecting up to 40%, starting with the most unprotected, subject to natural predators. To better understand the production cycle of the Cayman yacare in nature.