Jacaré com Banana ( Crocodile with Banana )


1 kg fillet of alligator
(tail, fillet)
3 spoons (soup) of onion
1 spoon (soup) of garlic
2 spoons (soup) chivied
2 spoons (soup) of parsley
25g salt
8 bananas sliced
350 ml of tomato sauce
200 ml of coconut milk
300g of cheese
Oregano and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:
Season the fillets with garlic and salt. Broil the fillets with butter milk or oil. Braise the onion, add the tomato sauce and chives, reserve. Place the fillets on a broiler, over a layer of cheese and a banana, add the tomato sauce and a glass of coconut milk. Cover with aluminum foil and bring the oven on low heat for grating. Decorate with the salsa .
Serve with white rice and salad.


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