Jacaré a Potiguares ( Crododile to Potiguares )

300 kg of crocodile fillet of loin
10 g of garlic
04 g of pepper
200 g of cooked cassava (3 pcs)
300 g of cooked pumpkin
15 g butter
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:
Season the fillets with garlic, salt and pepper and then take the plate to grill. Use butter or olive oil to grease the plate. Fry the cassava and reserve. Make a dent the pumpkin puree adding 01 spoon of butter. Decorate the dish with the mashed cassava and a white sauce with grapes.

White Sauce:
250 ml of milk
15 g of butter
15 g of maize
Nutmeg and salt to taste
Fine herbs to taste

Method of Preparation:
Mix all ingredients and bring to the fire, stirring to thicken.

By Francisco Gasteasoro do Hotel-Escola Senac Barreira Roxa

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