Rolê de Jacaré com Molho de Pequi (Rolê of Crocodile with Sauce Pequi )

350g of fillet steak in crocodile
50g of grated Provolone cheese wholesale
100g of champignon
50g of sliced bacon
Wheat flour and flour screw, parsley and salt to taste, pepper ground on time.

200ml milk
03 tablespoon of cream of milk,
08 Souari nut (Pequi)

Julienne of vegetables:
200g potato
200g carrot
200g of pumpkin
1 garlic-pore
50ml olive oil

Method of preparation:
Season the fillets with salt and ground pepper in time.
Arrange the fillets on the provolone cheese, green and smell champignon and wrap them in bacon. Pass the egg and finally in the flour screw. Fry the fillets until they are golden. Time to prepare the sauce. Remove the pulp of souari nut (pequi) already cooked then light the fire with milk. Beat the pequi with milk in the blender and place in pot with other ingredients, salt, nutmeg and cream of milk. Take the fire until the swelling is ready. Cut diagonally across the roles and serve with vegetables.

Cut all vegetables into thin and tirinhas met, braise in olive oil and salt.

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