Grelhado de Jacaré ao Vinho Branco com Farofa de Maracujá (Grilled Crocodile with Withe Wine with Farofa de Maracujá ( Manioc Flour of Passion fruit )


1 kg of crocodile meat (tail or loin)
1 cup white wine
Green chives and parsley to taste
Salt and pepper to taste Ground

Farofa de Maracuja (Manioc Flour of Passion fruit)
2 medium onions chopped
1 spoon (soup) of olive oil
2 passion fruit with large seeds
1 tea cup of corn flour
1 cup of tea of corn meal
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:
Grilled: beat blender with white wine, the parsley, the green chives, salt and pepper. Spread the seasoning on the meat and let it marinated for 30 minutes. Grill the meat on grill or pan and hot iron, use butter or oil.

Farofa de Maracuja (Manioc Flour of Passion fruit)
Braise onions in olive oil, add the pulp of passion fruit (with seeds), and putting fire go down slowly the corn meal and corn meal, stirring with a spoon when the stick. Season with salt and remove from fire.
Assembly: Cut the meat of the crocodile in thick slices and serve with manioc flour toasted in butter.

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