Croquete de Jacaré (Croquettes of Crocodile )

800g scraps of alligator
04 medium potatoes
02 liters of water

½ cup (tea) of oil
½ cup (tea) oil
04 garlic cloves,
01 large onions chopped
02 skinless minced tomatoes
01 cup (tea) of chopped green smell
01 sheet of bay
Salt and pepper to taste
½ cup (tea) of chopped black olives
½ cup (tea) from tomato pulp
Pepper and oregano to taste

Method of preparation:
Place the alligator and potatoes to cook, when cooked, and passes through the wringer and challenge the alligator reserve.


Following the order of ingredients make a braise, fry and leave the alligator mix shredded. Finally put 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of water in the cooking of the potatoes and alligator squeezed. Put the wheat flour to the few and always stirring up the pot desgrudar. Remove the weight, put on the table and work the dough. When warm, shape the croquettes and pass the milk and flour in a screw. Fry in hot oile.

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