Tagine de Jacaré ( Tagine of Crocodile )

750g thigh of crocodile
1 onion, minced.
2 garlic cloves, squashed.
2 tablespoons of molasses cane.
200 ml of water
2 cubes of chicken broth
2 tablespoons of spices.
Minced parsley.
Salt and pepper.
60g of raisins.
60g of cashew nuts from Brazil or minced.
1 spoon of fresh mint.

Method of preparation:
Fry the onion in olive oil and garlic. Place the crocodile meat and leave stain. Add the spices, put the molasses cane, the chicken broth dissolved in hot water and parsley. Cover and cook on low fire for 30 minutes. Check the seasoning and add the raisins and chopped mint. Place the side and add the nuts, the Brazil-bites. Serve with white rice or the Greek.

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