Panqueca de Jacaré ( Pancake of Crocodile )


02 cups (tea) of wheat flour
01 scoop (tea) of salt
03 cups (tea) of milk
06 eggs well beaten

500g of beef of caiman
(chips, bait)
15 g of salt
03 spoons (soup) of garlic
05 spoons (soup) of onion
05 spoons (soup) chivied
05 spoons (soup) of parsley
04 spoons (soup) of oil
01 cans of tomato sauce
01 cans of green corn

Method of preparation:
Add all ingredients and shake in the blender. Heat a small frying pan, lightly coated. Put a little of the mixture and turn the pan from one side to another to spread the weight. When grilled, turn to grill the other side.

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